Business strategy for Poland

Customer Strategy

Every company needs to have a clear formulated strategy as this is the compass, navigating all the small and large decisions within an organisation towards a common goal.

The question we always ask is, where is your true added value generated ? Business strategy is about setting priorities, deciding what to do extremely well and what you should stop doing.  In this way we help to identify, develop and implement winning strategies for our clients.

The strategy formulation process is motivated by renowned researchers  , inspired by industry leaders and tested by our consultants in practice.

Important themes that we focus on  during strategy formulation:

Identifying fundamentals and opportunities of growth
Fundamental of growth starts with focus on key areas where your organisation adds value. We help identify further opportunities of growth hidden in overlooked regions and sectors and assist with allocating the right resources to these opportunities.

Emerging markets
We are business developers in Central Eastern Europe with special focus on Poland. With steady growth figures for the last 20 years and increasing consumer spendings this region should be a key topic in every export strategy.

Scenario planning
The strategic planning process should involve formulating multiple realistic future scenario’s.  As our business environment becomes more complex and changes and trends evolve more rapidly scenario planning prepares the organisation for possible routes to follow. In an unpredictable world scenario planning linked to resource allocation can help every organisation to recognise and react to changing market conditions.

Identifying high-impact trends
Global and regional trends deserve special attention in formulating your international strategy. Our local experts can inform you on trends within your industry when doing business in Central Eastern Europe.

Customer engagement
The way customers find and interact with you is changing rapidly. The whole customer experience and life-cycle should be carefully formulated in your strategy. Customer acquisition is equally important as customer retention. Most companies think they are customer friendly, but only a few make it happen.

Adding value
Knowing where you add value as a company is the essence of every strategy formulation. With changing market conditions and ample opportunities they key is not to lose your focus.