Market entry

Growing your business internationally means entering new foreign markets with fresh opportunities. At the same time there are many pitfalls, cultural differences and certain restrictions in doing business abroad. So where do you start ?

Some companies, even large organisations have made mistakes with market entries and suffered enormous costs, often avoidable. On the other side some organisations achieve success in the same market, managing a smooth market entry. So where is the difference ?

The difference is:
(1) a well prepared market entry strategy [The Plan)
(2) professionals with local market knowledge  [The Team]

At CEE Navigator we always work with local experienced professionals in order to give you first hand market advice. Our experts are always natives understanding the local business culture with access to local networks. We can drastically shorten your market entry time by taking the right steps and avoiding costly mistakes.
Our market entry services encompasses defining optimal route-to-market strategies, partner search & selection, match-making services, screening of companies, company registration, start-up support, relocation services and other customer requirements related to market entries. Please contacts us for more information.