Match making

When you want to start exporting or grow your business internationally it helps getting connected to the right people. We support organisation with match making services in Poland and other Eastern European Countries.


What is match making exactly ?

The goal of match-making is finding the people or organisations that best fit your business requirements, i.e. the best match. A practical example of a  match-making assignment could be finding a suitable distributor or agent in Poland. The outcome should be a company that fits your requirements and could be a trusted representative for your company, products or services.

What can i expect from a match making ?

The process of match-making goes through a couple of stages depending on your requirements. Typically we start off with a long-list of potential candidates. We execute a thorough market research revealing all the relevant parties from your industry matching your predefined criteria. From this long list we jointly select the best candidates for further screening and personal interviews. The short-listed partners are screened and you can start talking to serious potential business partners.

The process of match-making increases your chances of success and reduces costly mistakes of doing business with not creditable business partners.