Organizational development

We believe that every organisation has the potential to perform outstanding and achieve significant success. However the majority of organisations perform mediocre and struggle to compete with industry leaders. The challenge is to have the right structure in which people are motivated and engaged in order to deliver results on long term. Our team has developed a comprehensive package of services focussed on organizational development.

Organizational X-ray

Our X-ray tool helps identifying decision making bottlenecks and other organizational constraints which hinder development. Having identified these difficulties we can initiate improvement processes.

Organizational Design

The basis for success is a well designed organizational model. Managing your resources correctly saves time and improves output. We team up with you to design effective organisations ready to deliver results.

Resolving Organizational Complexity

Due to ongoing growth, globalization and new technologies companies can build up unnecessary complexity. Having a lean and quickly responding organisation improves your competitive advantage. We help to identify and address complexity so that your organisation can focus on the business.

Decision making Effectiveness

How effective is your decision making process ? With the right tools you can measure this process, highlight the areas for improvement and streamline the decision making process in order to create a healthy and quickly reacting organisation.

Talent & leadership management

Todays recruits are the leaders of the future. Getting the right people on board is important for future growth, but retaining the right talent is even more important. We can help your organisation implement a leadership management program and install the fundamentals for future growth.


The companies culture is something which is difficult to visualise as it’s mostly related to internal perceptions of the employees. However your key stakeholders are also exposed to your companies culture. Having a culture that supports personal development, nurtures initiatives and rewards individual and groups performance is a valuable asset. We advise organisations and provide them with tools to influence the culture from within.